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About Me
Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Since high school I developed a strong interest in Biology and the Visual Arts and wanted to find a way to combine these two as a profession. I consequently completed an MSc in Biological Anthropology and an MA in Documentary Filmmaking, allowing me to make commercial and educational media content. I have combined these degrees with various work experiences at media companies and museums, allowing me to perfect my craft, work with diverse clients and meet their varying expectations at a timely pace.

My goal is to produce videos that not only inform but also capture events with vivid, authentic sound and visuals, bringing moments to life—whether they are cherished personal memories or accurate portrayals of scientific content. I carefully integrate ambient sounds, locations shots, dialogue, close-ups of details and dynamic action to recreate the atmosphere of the moment. Additionally, I layer these elements, such as by intertwining dialogue with corresponding visuals, to deepen the meaning of the narrative. These techniques allow me to provide viewers with an immersive experience that resonates deeply.

Moreover, my international upbringing has equipped me with a global perspective that I integrate into my storytelling, embracing different cultural traditions and perspectives.

Social Events

Regarding weddings and celebrations, what sets my filmmaking apart is that I want to show you as you really are, together with your friends and family. I want to capture all the candid moments - all the jokes and laughter, dancing and jumping, ranting and singing, beautiful words during speeches; all the comments and reactions typical to you and the people close to you. After all, these candid moments are the most cherished part of a memory. Once your special day is over, it is this film that will allow you to return to those wonderful moments again and again; and this is exactly what my films have offered clients.

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