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Reveal the essence of your memories with our technological expertise.


We bring your films, photos and videos to life, for advertising, events and private moments that reflect your personality.


Your project, our inspiration! More than just a collaboration, we'll immerse ourselves in your uniqueness.


Katrien Willems
Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller

With my interdisciplinary background in the sciences and arts, I've developed a distinct knack for crafting commercial and educational videos. My filming approach captures events authentically, presenting them with a natural and vibrant aesthetic. This style permeates a diverse portfolio spanning journalism, science content, weddings, family celebrations, and personal branding videos.


Sandie Dormart | Photographer

"Katrien was able to balance being thorough to details whilst also respecting my visions for the project. Her dedication to achieve perfection is a valuable trait, and it’s reassuring to work with someone who can be relied upon to deliver high-quality work. Overall, I had a productive and successful collaboration with Katrien, and it’s always great to work with people who are talented, hardworking, and easy to work with."


Annie Murray | Director and Videographer

"Katrien always approached projects, filming and courses with professionalism, dedication, passion, enthusiasm and great attention to detail. With a determination to succeed, Katrien has an inquisitive mind which explores projects with a wide scope of thoughts and possibilities and offers alternative ways of thinking. Methodical and practical, Katrien achieved many successes of her own when given tasks and responsibilities and was a trustworthy member of our small team. Always a pleasure to have around, with a calm nature and approach to sometimes stressful and pressured situations. She is an asset to any project and indeed, team."

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Maxime Mestayer & Laurie Danard | Wedding film clients

"We recommend Katrien: She was really involved, professional and available. She was able to shoot every little beautiful moment of our wedding day from early morning until the opening dance. The result of her movie was more than expected and so emotional. Thanks to her we will have a wonderful and complete souvenir of this amazing day with our friends and family. Thanks a lot Katrien!"

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